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B2B, SaaS, Tech & Food Industry Content Writer

Hi, I’m Panafrick. I write product descriptions, blog posts and long-form content that helps B2B, SaaS, tech & food companies get more traffic and leads.

Clients I've Written For

I'm Your Go To B2B Content Writer

I apply the following proven B2B writing techniques to keep readers glued to your content and yearning for more.


You want readers to take action after they read your content. That’s the point, isn’t it? My job is to make things easy for you by following tested copywriting techniques and guiding your readers towards the goal.

Data-backed writing

The average reader is wary of fluff, especially in the B2B space. I go the extra mile to make sure your readers stay on the page, by delivering insights in fresh and refreshing ways.


The era of cold, tone-deaf corporate writing is gone. You want your readers to connect and identify strongly with your brand. No matter how complex your product or service is, you’ll reach more people if you can find the human connection and weave it into your corporate narrative. That’s exactly what I do: I can help you serve those facts with inspiring human stories.

Search Engine Optimization

You want to be found through search, right when prospects are looking for information on the services or products you provide. I employ SEO best practices to make sure your content stands the highest chance of being served to your prospects.

Here’s proof:

Who am I again?

I’m Panafrick Sammy, a freelance B2B content writer covering technology, health, food industry and digital marketing topics. 

I have written for Tealfeed, Upwork, Medium, and Opportunitiesbillboard among other exceptional clients. 

I know what to do with a brief and how to get your content to page one of Google search results.

If you are looking for a writer who can bring creative thinking plus a thorough understanding of business writing and digital marketing to bear in his writing, then I’m your writer!

How to tell if we're a good fit

You understand the value of well-written original content.


You clearly understand the type of content you need and what it should do for your business or your clients;You have a content plan, focus keywords and CTAs.


You need the complete package: excellent writing + SEO knowledge + in-depth marketing knowledge.

Checked all three? 

Here, virtual high-five.

I work with result-driven businesses, copywriters and agencies, helping them get results from content marketing.

I am the writer you hire when you’ve done most of the planning and need someone who can follow the brief and deliver premium content that gets results for your tech/digital marketing business.

What type of content do I write?

Although I have written a variety of content in the past, I have developed a particular expertise for these three forms of content:

Blog posts

Informational pieces that speak directly to your audience, help prospects to find you through search, engage with you and nudge them into your sales funnel.

Long-form content

Lead generation materials (e-books, white papers) that position you as the expert and dive deep into topics your prospects care about.

Product Description

Product description that attracts, engages, converts, and gets your customers to purchase.

My Specialities

I specialize in these three areas:

Content that Converts

Content Writing

Content is the fuel that drives businesses. I’ll help market your business through content. Visitors will become customers within no time! That’s me.

Competitor Research for your success

Research Writing

Do you want to build your brand? My researching skills can help position your business perfectly in the market segment.

My Passive Income Stream

Affiliate Marketing

I'll help to market your products effectively at no extra cost to you.

What People are Saying

Here’s What Happy Customers are Saying:

"Panafrick is super reliable, productive, and helpful. Whenever I send job offers to him, I can always get a high-quality article back from him in time. Highly recommended!"
UX-UI Designer
Gediminas Ulbikas
UX-UI Designer
"Panafrick is a versatile writer who joined my team and delivered results consistently. He delivers on his promise and is very transparent about his writing process."
Business CEO
Li-Jen Tien

Panafrick Sammy

B2B Content Writer for Hire

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